Wall of Fame:

Blazn Heir HPF 


2022 Youth National Champion HA/AA Country English Pleasure Choice JTR

2021 Youth National Reserve Champion HA/AA Country English Pleasure Select JTR 15-18

2020 Youth National Reserve Champion HA/AA Country English Pleasure Elite JTR


Bred by Richard and Janet Thompson.



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Wall of Fame - National Champions sired by Afires Heir

   Afires Heir is the Leading Living Sire of 2018 National Performance Champions

No stallion since *Bask++ in the 1970's has sired four different, consecutive Open English Pleasure U.S. National Champions

“Afires Heir is the leading sire of Performance Horses at the 2019 US Nationals“

"He is adding long, upright necks and great length of leg. His foal's necks and legs seem to bend in all the right places. " ~ Kevin Price

"This is one of the loosest, most flexible yet strong and trainable Arabians that I have ever seen. " ~ Ray LaCroix

"He certainly passes on the goods! VJ Royal Heir has a freaky neck, almost over his back, loose beautiful motion and long, elegant legs " ~ Tish Kondas

"He has consistently improved the length and shape of his foal's necks. All display excellent English type, athleticism and carriage. I am convinced that Afires Heir is the heir apparent to Afire Bey V " ~ John Ryan

"Afires Heir prospects...they have extremely long, upright necks, excellent motion, and above all, PERFECT TRAINING ATTITUDES " ~ Ryan Strand

"Afires Heir is the greatest English Pleasure horse of all time, having won four consecutive Unanimous U.S. National (Open English Pleasure) Championships and having been first on every judges' card throughout his show career." ~Tim Shea

His long shapely neck creates an impressive vision in the bridle. His movement, impressive yet effortless, imposes awe with a strength of motion rarely seen. He is a truly great stallion that combines incomparable motion and breathtaking beauty.

Afire's Heir progeny has earned a total earnings of $288,750.00 in the AEPA Program, as of the end of 2018

There are 78 unique National Champions and 218 total National Champions/Reserve National Champions as of December 2022

Afires Heir offspring won the Open English Pleasure Championship at the US Nationals 4 consecutive years, with no winners being siblings or repeats.  This has not been done since *BASK in the 1970s.

Afires Heir was shown for 4 years, twice at Scottsdale and 4 times at the U.S. Nationals. He never lost a class. He was never second on a judge’s card … ever. He was U.S. National Unanimous Champion 4 times, once in Junior Horse and 3 times in Open.

Afires Heir's first national winner was BL Heir Supreme, a 2010 U.S. National Top Ten English Pleasure Junior Horse. It happened the same week and the same year that Afires Heir took his fourth and final U.S. National Championship.

Bill Reilich calls his and Shirley’s experience of owning Afires Heir like “…catching lightning in a bottle.”

Afires Heir’s offspring began arriving in 2006. Of the 6 registered purebreds in that initial foal crop, 2 went on to become national winners, both in English divisions.