By Afire Bey V out of the Brass daughter, Brassmis (x EE Msindependence by MHR Nobility), Afires Heir was born with a great deal to live up to. For starters, at birth he already had two older sisters, Queen Afire, a U.S. National Top Ten in English Pleasure and Country English Amateur, and Afire Storrm++/, U.S. and Canadian National Champion Junior Mare Halter and U.S. National Top Ten Country English Jr. Horse. Much was expected of the third foal of Brassmis.

“From the beginning it was clear that Afires Heir was born to do this. The most willing and probably the smartest horse I’ve ever known. An amazing horse every single step of the way,” Joel admits.


Wall of Fame - National Champions sired by Afires Heir

  • His long shapely neck creates an impressive vision in the bridle. His movement, impressive yet effortless, imposes awe with a strength of motion rarely seen. He is a truly great stallion that combines incomparable motion and breathtaking beauty.

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